February 2011 will be the best time ever to purchase your automatic lawn sprinkler system. As many will remember, Summer 2010 was disastrous for the lawn and landscape left on it’s own without the benefit of an automatic watering system. In many situations, the cost of lawn seeding and plant replacement would have made a nice down payment on a sprinkler system. Don’t make the same mistake this year! In the long run, A lawn watering system saves you money in time and water, not to mention the regular lawn seeding and plant replacement necessary during a rough growing season. EcoLawn Sprinkler System of Springfield Virginia is standing by and ready to install your automatic lawn watering system. We have installed 1000’s upon 1000’s of automatic lawn watering systems. Do your homework, call Better Business Bureau of Greater Washington Area, Check out our great track record over the last 15 years. We guarantee our work 100% or your money back! Call today!