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Why should you use a sprinkler system? Most people irrigate their turf for a given number of minutes without knowing how much water they are really applying. This leads to over- or under-watering, neither of which will benefit the turf. In addition, water is becoming an increasingly scarce natural resource, and should be utilized as efficiently as possible.

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Your irrigation system: Save water, save money and see better results (Article from Irrigation Association)

Automatic sprinklers offer convenience and control in protecting your landscape investment. Irrigation systems help you to enjoy your yard, and to keep it healthy and beautiful. However, most homeowners tend to overwater their lawn or waste water through inefficient habits. Adopting water-savvy habits is essential to maintaining and extending your community’s water supply, especially during peak use.

The key to efficient outdoor irrigation is applying just enough water and only when necessary. Water-wise habits will result in a healthier lawn and landscape, in addition to conserving water. Plus, reducing your consumption will help reduce your water bill.

The Irrigation Association named July Smart Irrigation Month to provide tips about smart practices and new technology. Continue reading to learn what you can do in July – and througout the year – to operate your system at peak efficiency.